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Kimberley D. Creel has been an attorney, licensed by the State Bar of Texas, since 1999.  Her primary area of practice has been family law, but she also handles probate matters.  From 2004 until October 2013, Ms. Creel stayed at home to raise a family, but her passion for law led her to begin practicing again.

Creel Law was formed with the idea of bringing affordable legal services to the public.  During Ms. Creels years of practice, the one thing that was a reoccurring factor, in most divorce cases, is that they ended in the parties reaching an agreement.  All courts require mediation prior to any final trial on divorce matters.  The cost of a final trial in a divorce case involving children will easily cost the parties tens of thousands of dollars.  While some people have the ability to pay the high cost of attorney fees to go to final trial, many people do not.  Ms. Creel’s goal is to provide an affordable option for legal representation in the divorce process and probate matters.  

Since Ms. Creel works from her home office, without a support staff, she does not have the high overhead cost that many firms have.  Because of that, she has the ability to offer low cost family law and probate services to those, in Harris & Galveston Counties, as well as low cost Will packages to Texas residents.  

Contact Ms. Creel at no charge at creellaw01@sbcglobal.net or text/call 281-770-7700, for more information on her services.



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