Quick & Affordable Divorce Help

Since Ms. Creel works from her home office, without a support staff, she does not have the high overhead cost that many firms have.  Because of that, she has the ability to offer low cost legal services to those, in Harris & Galveston Counties, with agreed divorces and agreed modifications of child orders, and will preparation for those living in Texas.

Quick & Affordable Divorce – Willingness to Compromise

In order to obtain a quick and affordable divorce, the parties must be willing to resolve all divorce issues amicably.  The divorce process does not have to mean war.  If both parties can maintain an amicable relationship and be willing to compromise, the financial burden and stress on children will most definitely be reduced.  It is important to note couples can spend thousands of dollars, at the outset of a divorce, because of the unwillingness to compromise.   It is helpful to figure out at the beginning of your case, what it is you want, but more importantly what it is you are willing to compromise on and willing to accept.  This can help to avoid the cost and expense of going to Court. 

Temporary Orders

It is customary in divorce cases, for at least one party to seek Temporary Orders.  Issues to be decided in Temporary Orders include: exclusive use of the residence, residency of the child, child support and possession and access of the child, while the divorce is pending.  Many times the Temporary Orders hearing is the only Court appearance in a case, except for the 10 to 15 minute, final prove up.  Often times, couples each hire attorneys, head off to Court for Temporary Orders, only to spend hours at the Court house waiting for the case to be heard.  During the waiting period, each party is being billed by the hour for their attorneys time, which includes the drive time to and from the courthouse.  Often times the attorneys go back and forth trying to work it out and an agreement is reached.  No Court hearing is ever held on Temporary Orders.   The couples may not be speaking and thus neither party knows what the other party is asking for or willing to accept, on a temporary basis.  What many may not understand is that an agreement can be worked out on Temporary Orders, without the need to attend a hearing.  This can save both sides from having to take off work and the unnecessary expense of making a trip to the Courthouse.  That being said, sometimes it is necessary to have a Temporary Orders hearing.  However, a hearing may be necessary.  If one side is making unreasonable requests, there is a dispute over who will have the right to determine the residence of the child, or there is a dispute over income amounts for child support calculations, a hearing may be necessary.


Mediation is required in all divorce cases involving children in both Galveston and Harris counties, prior to a final trial being had.  Both typically have their own attorneys and a third party neutral mediator is chosen by the attorneys. The attorneys and mediator usually schedule a day where all meet for either a full day or half day of mediation, depending on the issues to be resolved.  During the mediation, each party along with their attorney, is placed in separate rooms.  The mediator goes back and forth between the rooms trying to facilitate an agreement between the sides.  Each party pays half of the cost of the mediator.   Additional cost of mediation includes, the hourly rate their attorney is billing them for their attendance at mediation.  While mediation does, often times, produce a settlement agreement in the case, it can be very costly.  Mediation is very useful, especially in dealing with a difficult attorney or party.

Services of Creel Law

Ms. Creel will work with you to help you decide the best course of action to take in handling your particular divorce case and  circumstances.   Whether you choose to work with your spouse on your own towards settlement or need her help in negotiating, she will guide you in the best and most affordable way possible to meet your divorce needs.  Contact Creel Law at creellaw01@sbcglobal.net or text/call 281-770-7700, for more information.